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Otsego Public Schools Foundation Continuing Education Scholarship

When you submit an application for the Otsego Public Schools Foundation Continuing Education Scholarship, you will be considered for the following Scholarships offered through the Foundation for which you qualify.

  • OPS Foundation Scholarship

  • Cushman Scholarship

  • Stem Scholarship

  • Alumni Scholarship

  • Alternative Ed Scholarship

Additional Scholarships that can be submitted online.

(A different application than the Otsego Public Schools Foundation Continuing Education Scholarship)

Alex Nappo Memorial Scholarship
Becca Galloway Heart of Gold Scholarship
Cameron Lee Madison Memorial Scholarship
Clapp Family Scholarship
Darin Price Memorial Scholarship
Delaney M. Bush Memorial Scholarship
Don Knight Athletic Scholarship
Duke Jackson Memorial Scholarship
Lorie Volker "Honey Badger" Scholarship
OHS Class of 1975
Peggy K. Shearer Scholarship
The Patti Sholler-Barber "Power of One" Annual Scholarship
Ray and Bernie Winkel "Character" Scholarships
Robert Stewart Memorial Scholarship (for Juniors wanting to attend a summer program before their senior year)
Rod Morrison Memorial Scholarship
Victors Scholarship
Resources for Students
Scholarship Requirements Checklist
Video Tutorial for Converting Google Documents as a PDF and Uploading in your Scholarship Application
Some scholarship applications require that recommendation letters remain confidential. Other applications require a Staff/Faculty/Coach Recommendation form responses to remain confidential. Please click on the appropriate links below to submit a recommendation for a student and the scholarship they are applying for.
Cameron Lee Madison Memorial Scholarship Recommendation
Duke Jackson Memorial Scholarship Recommendation
Peggy K. Shearer Scholarship Recommendation
Ray and Bernie Winkel "Character" Scholarship Recommendation